Free shipping for orders above Rs. 500 pan India!!
Free shipping for orders above Rs. 500 pan India!!
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About us

An immense love for good food has been there in my blood since the time I can remember. That spark was steadily fanned to flames by my late mother, all the while adding healthy twists here and there. GSB Venture was her dream project. Secrets from her kitchen, passed down through generations, found their way into little bottles that many took home. Needless to say, everyone loved it!

In the aftermath of her passing, I am profoundly driven to keep the flame of her passion alive through me, her only child. Like grandmothers & mothers before her, she too has passed on her treasured recipes to me, which I dream of bringing to you. I hope to keep the memory of my mother alive through every relished bite.

As I walk ahead in this journey, I feel proud to hold hands with other ambitious women who have chosen to walk beside me. They also happen to have baskets of delectable home-made treats and elixirs to bring to your homes. Every product we offer has been hand-made with love, mirrored from our mothers. We sincerely assure you superior quality products which has been prepared using the freshest produce available.

This collective venture is being housed by the YouTube channel, The Aud_Eating Couple, which is a project carried on by my husband and myself with the sole dream of exploring the culinary world and meeting home chefs who spread happiness through food. As the name hints, we are primarily into auditing and run a Chartered Accountants’ firm together. However, we weren’t willing to let go of our passion for good, healthy food and thus our YouTube channel was born.

We sincerely hope that each bite of our snacks and every sip of our beverages take you on a trip back to an era when we were little children, playing in the garden under the scorching sun, while our grandmothers or mothers called us in to dig into the many treats they lovingly stored in their larder.